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Triple Threat Show

2 Cool  4 School






Click on the link and you will be brought to the Paola Photo album from the rehearsal day Monday July 1st.

The photos are in order of the day so you can scroll through the thumbnails to find your child’s number or hit slideshow to see all the photos from the day. If there is a photo you want to purchase click on “BUY PHOTO” and it will give you options to purchase digital downloads for $15 per image (which can be printed up to 8x10)

You can purchase prints that start at $3 for a 4x6 and then pricing for all other sizes and products such as Wallets Magnets, canvases etc.

If you have any questions about purchases feel free to contact Paola directly at paolaphoto@gmail. com or call 631-355-2239 and she will respond as promptly as possible.

You DO NOT have to purchase any of the photo’s.  Thank you and enjoy the pictures!